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Jon Martin

Founder and CEO


Since a young age, Jon has had a passion for entrepreneurship and a curiosity for solving problems. Growing up with a family business run by his parents out of their home revealed the highest highs and lowest lows of business ownership and gave him the opportunity to get involved before he had even began high school. Jon worked with his family firsthand in various roles including computer technology, customer service, and sales.

In 2008, Jon took to social media in its beginning stages as a way to connect with others and spread the word about the business. He was innovative in his approach and leveraged Twitter to market the business and drive sales. After his first taste of strategic marketing, Jon took the leap full time into the marketing world in 2012, immersing himself in everything he could. By 2014, he started his first marketing firm, Invoq Marketing.

A successful run with Invoq led to its eventual sales in 2018 to Tank New Media. Throughout those years and leading up to then, Jon took on the roles of business owner, business seller, leadership advisor, and everything in between. He uses these strengths and experiences today to understand his clients and strategize visibility across their departments where it’s needed most.

In 2020, RevenueOps, LLC was born out of a necessity for HubSpot support and visibility across sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Jon is the creative mastermind who dreams up every idea under the sun to help businesses break through their own glass ceilings.

Outside of the office, you can find Jon reading, teaching himself something new, watching football, spending time with his wife and kids, or working out. He is also a coffee fanatic, so expect to find a cup close by to him at all times.

“I love helping business decision makers better understand the impact of those decisions they’re making and increase their efficiencies through better technology and processes for their teams.”


Mark Hapeman

Partner & COO

Mark’s 25+ years of experience across industries, roles, and departments all comes together to highlight his strength at RevenueOps: operational problem solving.

After graduating college, Mark’s path took many twists and turns. Like many recent graduates, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his career, so he took an opportunity to perform customer service back in his home town to stay close to his family. B2C customer service became B2B sales and operations roles throughout his mid 20s.

A few years later, Mark was given the opportunity to join a newly started IT company. His leadership in operational and customer management shined immediately and his role morphed throughout the years until he eventually brought his own management IT model to life in 2007. He grew teams, increased company revenues, and brought expertise to the table in cybersecurity, managed services, sales management, sales leadership, and business development.

Mark’s strengths are complementary to Jon’s strengths and help put ideas into action. He implements the operational strategies businesses need and helps them problem solve every step of the way.

When he’s not working with clients, Mark likes to spend time with family, watching his kids sports teams, playing the drums, and enjoying the outdoors. You can also find him listening to true crime podcasts, exploring museums, or checking out the latest art exhibits.

“I’ve learned from my years of experience that business operations tend to reflect culture and can be measured in organic growth. When something needs to change culturally or to take that next step for a business, oftentimes operations are at the heart of the issue. That’s where we can really help.”

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