Tunnel vision. It keeps us focused. It keeps our parameters narrow.

Sometimes too narrow.

In your business who’s itch are you scratching?

I am working with one of my clients at TANK to better implement their CRM and to leverage their tech stack to put them in a good place to scale their business development team.

As we were talking through the sales process yesterday, we uncovered an opportunity that we were missing. 95% of their sales conversations have been focused on solving the pain point of the department manager.  Its pain that these managers feel on an hourly, daily, & weekly basis. It’s relatively easy to convince these managers that we have a good solution for them. However, in almost all cases, the final decision is made at a board level. Boards can be tough to get in front of as a vendor. They don’t want a bunch of sales pitches during their board meetings. 

The solution. Connecting our solution to the pain that these board members feel. The vast majority of the time this solution increases the compensation to the board. Now we have a connection. We can focus on increasing board compensation as a sales channel while simultaneously fixing pain in one of their key departments.

Are you scratching the right itch in your sales process?

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