1% Growth Every Day

Something that has stuck inside my brain for the last few months is a concept from Atomic Habits by James Clear.

James Clear in Atomic Habits contrasts our frequent desire to take on massive change. Yet, often that change never happens. We try to change everything at once and put ourselves in a position where we can not win. Instead, we should focus on consistently trying to improve 1% every single day. These consistent improvements will add up over time to massive change.

Small change isn’t sexy.

Gradual improvement isn’t exciting.

Gradual growth, improvement, and change is sustainable and can be successful though. A small change can become massive overtime.

At the same time, sometimes you need to do a 180-degree turn, or burn everything down to the ground and start over.

Knowing which type of change is appropriate is key for change management. If your core idea, process, or department is flawed, gradual change, won’t get you to your desired result. If your core is correct, and you need better results, often consistent, daily changes can get you there. These small changes allow you to optimize and improve over time.

I used to enjoy big, massive change. But as I have aged, or experienced more change, I have become much more interested in small consistent change. Change that builds over time, is more manageable and stable.

It’s amazing how our past challenges impact our present. How they shape the very core of who we are and how we respond, both to good change and bad change.

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