Invest in Yourself

I’ve been thinking more recently about investing in myself. This is something I have done a lot of in the past, and still do. Like all investments, you can always optimize your investments and work to get a better return on your investment.

Ways I have invested in myself include:

Convene: (when I had my own company). Convene is a mastermind and coaching group for CEOs and business owners.

Consistent reading: I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading books and blogs spanning; leadership, business, marketing, sales, history, management, writing, and more.

Industry groups. I’ve been able to join and engage with various slack, and Facebook groups and forums focused on marketing, Hubspot, and Cybersecurity.

Varied Career Experience: My career has spanned production, management, and sales in a commercial printing company, to running a marketing agency, selling SaaS to roofers and real estate agencies, Selling b2b marketing, working as a marketing manager in cybersecurity. This vast variety gives me a unique perspective on businesses, how they function, and how they can grow.

Men’s Groups: I’ve been involved in various men’s groups in the past and recently joined the Fraternity of Excellence. These groups challenge me to be my best self, and to become a better man, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially.

Currently, I’m contemplating how to best continue to invest in myself. I feel in some ways like I have plateaued.

How are you investing in yourself in 2021?

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