Technical and Adaptive Problems

More thoughts from Who not How

There are primarily two types of problems in business (and life for that matter). Technical problems and Adaptive problems. Technical problems are problems that have a “known” solution. I.E. building a website. It is only a matter of learning the technology and following the steps to build a website. Adaptive problems on the other hand do not have a “known” solution. They are problems like creating a new service, inventing a solution, etc.

Technical problems can and often should be delegated to a technical expert. This expert knows the answer and has completed this task before. The challenge shouldn’t be on executing the problem. Your challenge should be accurately defining your vision and communicating that vision to the technical expert. After you have the vision defined. Choose the expert and let them work their process to create your desired result.

Adaptive problems are completely different. There isn’t a known solution. These are problems that you as the visionary and leader will need to work on solving. No one else can solve these problems like you can. You need to lead the charge and focus on solving these problems.

This is why it is imperitive that you delegate and hand off your technical problems so you have the mental freedom. You need to protect yourself from decision fatigue and create freedom of your time and your money.

Creating this freedom of your time and money allows you to solve more problems. Solving more problems leads to more money and more freedom.

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