A New Season of RevenueOps: What’s New With the Business

Since the early days of 2020, RevenueOps, LLC has come a long way. From a single employee taking the jump to full-time business consulting to a growing team and new services, today’s version of RevenueOps may be something new to you.

You Know Jon, Right?

If not, you’ll have to connect with him soon and find out what mutual Lancaster County connections you have. Because trust us, there are bound to be many.

Jon Martin started RevenueOps, LLC as a side passion project and pursued it full-time beginning in February of 2021. After years in the Lancaster marketing scene, he took his agency skills and put them to good use, helping businesses master their Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service departments with refined strategies, processes, people, and technologies.

Since that February, the business has grown leaps and bounds, with clients exceeding a 40 hour week workload and project-based work becoming the focus. RevenueOps specializes in Hubspot integration for businesses wanting to get their entire team onto one seamless platform that eases communication. And because many Hubspot partner agencies come from marketing backgrounds, not revenue operational ones, RevenueOps has stepped up to the plate and filled the gap in these areas.

A Season of Growth

While the business has changed in many ways over the past 9 months, more changes are ahead for RevenueOps and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

What’s ahead?

We are continuing to build out processes to better help our clients manage theirs.

  • We are focusing on project work more heavily than retainer work, meaning we can do the heavy lifting for businesses in shorter sprints without the required ongoing support.
  • We are rolling out an exciting new side to the business in 2022 that goes hand-in-hand with our current services.
  • We are continuing to build and grow our team to better serve our clients. Say hello to our newest addition, Mark (who is the yin to Jon’s yang and an amazing new asset to the team)!

A Full Suite of Services

If you’re unfamiliar with RevOps, we are a perfect fit for small to mid-sized B2B companies that are growing rapidly and feel an overwhelming sense of chaos or B2B companies that feel they’re hit their ceiling and are wanting to unlock the next level of growth for their business.

How can we help?

  • We offer expertise in all aspects of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services, utilizing strategies, processes, people, and technology to improve these teams and their productivity.
  • We help make software scalable, visible, and supportive of growth for B2B companies.
  • We help you take a team and make them work better, more efficiently, and across departments with ease.

Working with RevOps

If your business is looking for support in any of these areas or you have questions about how RevOps may be able to support your needs, we would love to hear from you. We are thrilled to be in a season of growth that supports our clients in the ways that they need. While we continue to grow, we hope to help you do the same.


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