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What Is A System & Soul Coach And Why Do I Need One?

As a business owner, change can be a really scary thing. But change is necessary when it comes to growth, expansion, and taking the next step. No matter how successful your business is, one of two things will happen to […]

As a business owner, change can be a really scary thing. But change is necessary when it comes to growth, expansion, and taking the next step. No matter how successful your business is, one of two things will happen to your organization.

You’re either going to experience growth so great it will outstrip your control, or you will hit a ceiling you can’t break through. 

Both of these can create frustration, but the solution is the same. And it’s no secret, but it is a process that System & Soul walks you through. 

Cue System & Soul

System & Soul gives you the structure, language, and processes you need to manage your business without neglecting the ever-so-important soul. The soul of your business is why you created it in the first place, the culture that you want to have for your employees, and what makes you attractive to your customers.

To achieve success, you need to nurture both the system and soul at the core of your business. Combining the two is the ultimate competitive advantage and won’t go unnoticed with your employees, customers, or community.

System & Soul balances the development of systems and processes alongside the people,  culture, and soul you put at the heart of what you do. 

A Proven Framework: Design, Cadence, and Score

While business frameworks aren’t a new tool and can be easily accessible from many different resources, you need a framework that impacts your business inside and out. System & Soul utilizes the frameworks of business leaders including Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Vern Harnish, and John Doerr. 

There’s a big problem with the way businesses approach training and development. Often, the systems used are taught in a vacuum. This means that the metrics, org charts, and goals are created separately from the people and culture running them. 

This can create confusion, chaos, and misalignment within the organization. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to stay that way. 

With System & Soul, you get the best of both a balanced development of system and process that actually work for your people and culture. 

Adding Soul To Your Company and Culture: Destination, Ethos, and People

Design, Cadence, and Scores are all important factors in building your business, but we cannot forget about the soul of your business and why you do what you do. Understanding the direction you’re going and the destination you want to reach, the ethos or identity of your company, and the people who help get you there are just as important. 

Soul is easy to overlook but game-changing for businesses that understand its importance. System & Soul helps you dig into the soul of your business and engineer your culture to work in your favor. 

Why System & Soul?

System & Soul is the only framework that combines the system and soul of your business to spark and inspire breakthroughs. It is a complete balance of processes and people. The six elements representing your system and soul are the backbone of proven, productive, and well-loved organizations everywhere.

With the help of a dedicated Coach, proven business tools that work, and software that simplifies the entire process, you can take your business to the next level and gain clarity on what direction you are headed. 

How It Works With Your Company

The System & Soul journey is a recommended 18 months to two years of work with a Coach on the framework and tools. The framework is broken into three phases: Launch, Control, and Growth.

  1. The Launch phase focuses on onboarding the tools and best practices in the framework. It’s three full days of learning over the course of one month. 
  2. The Control and Growth phases represent a full year-long cycle of Quarterly refuels and a one-and-a-half-day annual strategy session.

Start Optimizing Your Systems And Remember Why You Started

Getting started is easy and doesn’t require you to turn your business upside down today. If you’re ready to take the next step in growing your business and gaining clarity, System & Soul can be the perfect next step for you. Start your free discovery session with Mark or Jon today to discuss how your business’s systems and soul can be harnessed for success.

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