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The Ultimate Competitive Advantage For Entrepreneurs

Running A Business Is Complicated And Complex

As a business owner, change can be a terrifying thing. But change is necessary when it comes to growth, expansion, and taking the next step. No matter how successful your business is, one of two things will happen to your organization.
You’re either going to experience growth so great it will outstrip your control, or you will hit a ceiling you can’t break through.

Both of these can create frustration, but the solution is the same: System & Soul.

Why System & Soul

System & Soul gives you the structure, language, and processes you need to manage your business without neglecting the ever-so-important soul. The soul of your business is why you created it in the first place, the culture that you want to have for your employees, and what makes you attractive to your customers.


Turning Frustration Into Clarity

For many businesses, systems cause frustration, because they’re trained or taught in a vacuum. While a system may sound promising, metrics, org charts, and goals are often created separately from the people and culture entrusted to run them. With this disconnect between systems and people, frustrations can be endless. Confusion, chaos, and misalignment are often felt.

With a blind eye to the soul of the business, companies are often left in the dark on why certain decisions are being made and who is making them.

System & Soul balances the development of systems and processes alongside the people and culture, the soul you put at the heart of what you do to mitigate the frustrations and lead to more clarity.

Taking You From Point A to Point Z

We’d love to share our knowledge and experience and that’s why:

  • There are no long-term agreements.
  • There are no upfront payments.
  • We won’t pass you off to a junior team member.
  • We will work with you as long as you need my help, no longer.

We love working with business owners and will work to build trust with you and protect that trust.

Tools And Support From System & Soul

Dedicated Coach Support

A trained and experienced Coach supports every System & Soul client. You will work with them over two years to engineer growth where you need it.

Signature Onboarding Kit & Tools

Every new System & Soul client is welcomed to the journey with a signature onboarding kit. Each kit contains all the materials you will use throughout your sessions with your Coach and some swag your team will be sure to fight over.

Powered By Amazing Software

System & Soul offers you a customizable platform to track, store, and collaborate with your team as you implement the framework. In addition, our software offers you one powerful dashboard to house ongoing meeting agendas, tasks, metrics, and more.

How It Works

To get started or learn more about System & Soul, you can schedule your free 30-minute discovery session today. This is a no-commitment exploration session that answers your questions and dives into your unique business.

For those who choose to work with Jon as their dedicated S2 coach, the plan moving forward is strategic and identifies where you currently are to understand better where you’re headed.

Phases Include:

Launch Phase – First 31 Days
Control Phase – 12 Months
Growth Phase – 12 Months

You need a coach that helps you combine proven business frameworks with a soul and culture unique to your organization.

When you understand the elements that impact your business, you gain clarity in decision making, and the path to success and growth becomes apparent. With a System & Soul coach here to support you, the actual results you’ll feel are all your own.


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